Hello, I'm Martin and I design and develop Webflow websites.

I specialise in clear, effective, creative design. I help start-ups to find their feet and well-established brands find a fresh and innovative approach. I'm both experienced and enthusiastic and work closely with my clients to produce visually impactful content. I'm based in West Sussex. I worked with brands that are local and national, so wherever you are, I would love to hear from you.

My Experience
What can I do?

Design websites prototypes

Using Adobe XD or Figma. I can design fully working website prototypes, animations included.

Turn prototypes into websites

Using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. I will turn prototypes into a website, ready to go live.

Use Webflow

I know Webflow, in fact this site is built using Webflow. I use Webflow a lot.
Wait there's more...

Design logos and brands

Need a logo? Need your brand developed? I can do this and I've been doing it for years.

Design things for print

Brochures, flyers, POS material, display graphics. Anything. Everything.

Photograph things

I like taking photos. I can photograph your products, you, me, landscapes. Snap, snap, snap.