Partner Certification

The brief for this project was to design and build a partner certification program for Linnworks. The idea was simple - create a series of learning videos in different sections, work your way through each section, take the quiz, gain a badge and progress to the next section. Once all sections have been completed you would officially become a certified partner of Linnworks.

The initial design concepts

The first part of this project started with initially thinking about the badge designs for each video section, there where eight sections in total. Each icon designed somehow had to reflect the different sections which included - Getting Stated, Inventory Management, Channel Management, Shipping Management, Order Management, Listing Management, Templates Management and Sell Better. Below are the icons I designed.

I then created a series of section cards and added the icons to these. Along with each title, video total and link to start the course. The brand identity started to form.

The website design and approach

So the brand for each video section was complete, the next step in the design process was to start to think about the website design and the user journey. Before you could access the video portal Linnworks wanted a simple login home page which you had to sign up for.

Once signed up and logged in, you now had access to the video portal page.

From the portal page you had access to each video section overview page and video player page.

The next and fundamental part of the design process was to develop a logo which would work as a sub brand of Linnworks main brand, it had to incorporate the main Linnworks logo. Linnworks Partners was born.

August 17, 2020
Martin Jones

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